Law Of Attraction: The Power Of Gratitude

Before the law of attraction can work, you need to be grateful of your present condition. Whatever your current situation is, be grateful for that. Do not resent your life situation no matter what state of condition you are currently in. There are people who are far less fortunate then you are and they are not feeling resentful. Before the universe can address your desires, you need to show gratefulness. Being born into this world is already a privilege. Life is a privilege and you must keep on blessing your life and show a lot of appreciation. Just accept your present condition with gratitude. And when you go into deep meditation, which should be a daily ritual, thank the universe for it. You see, the universe was the one who gave you your present condition in the first place based on your previous thoughts, and resenting that is like telling the universe you are not grateful to it. Bless your condition every morning when you wake up and every night before your go to sleep. Being grateful with your present condition is like starting over on a clean plate. Like in a bad marriage, you start over by forgiving what you had done in the past and forgiving each other, and promising to forget what happened before and start something new. Well, this works in the same way. Forget the past, appreciate your present condition and work on changing for the better. Being grateful takes no more energy than feeling ungrateful. So why feel ungrateful? You get a far better result, because the universe is going to give you whatever your desires are and life will be wonderful. Once you accept your present condition and each time you go into meditation, you are taking yourself to a higher plane or dimension. Each time you feel grateful and tell the universe that, you are on your way to becoming a fourth dimensional person. When this happens, you can attract what you desire quickly and elegantly. The sooner the universe knows that you want to change, the sooner that your requests will manifest. People who are already successful using the power of law of attraction, are seldom negative, temperamental or resentful. In fact they are the complete opposite and always want to share their successes and guide you through the same path. They are not selfish or arrogant because they know the law resent that in them. You can see them on television today. These successful people promote the value of the law of attraction to help people all around the world because they know that by helping and sharing, they also get abundance. What a wonderful way to live when all you do is being grateful and help people. Should not everyone be like this? If everyone knows this law and practices it, we can eliminate war, hunger and poverty, and this world will be a great place to live, much like what is was intended to be when it was first created.