Manifesting Money

Do you ever get the sense, that if you could just make more money, all of your problems would be over? Do you ever feel like money controls you, instead of you controlling your money? Money gives you things, yes, but more importantly it gives you freedom. Freedom to spend, freedom to have, and freedom to just be. You want money so that life can be and feel easier…You want money so you can have the experience freedom. Isn’t it funny…how we all want to manifest more money in our lives, (and not have to work for it!) – but so many of us hold to the belief that in order to have an abundance of money in life you must work very hard for it?! The key is, if you feel that you must work hard to create money, you will. Isn’t is funny- how we all want to manifest more money in our lives, so we will feel better about who we are – but so many of us hold to the belief that the rich are evil or stuck up? The key – if you feel negative feelings about those who create money around you, you will repel abundance and money away from you. What is your dominant belief or feeling about money? What do you think you are “vibrating” or “resonating” about money? What are you putting out there? Are you inviting money to come into your life, or are you repelling it away from you? Have you been stuck in the same place for a long time? Manifesting, or creating for that matter, can be explained in a few short steps. You ask, you receive, and you allow “it” to come into your life, whatever “it” maybe. Whether it’s a new car, a relationship, health, or money – those are the simplified steps to creating anything you want in your life. You have heard the expression, “be careful what you ask for, you might just get it!” True. So it may sound too easy and simple. We ask and we receive? Boom, just like that? Yes, just like that. What we struggle with is “allowing” the manifestation. How do you hinder money from coming into your life? You hinder the allowance of money flow into your life with contradictory thoughts, beliefs and feelings. You say, “This year I will make $50,000. But, I want to (or wish I could) make $100,000 or more.” Which of these projections do you think will manifest? So many times it is the limited belief that is manifested in life, because it holds the bigger focus for you. By the Law of Attraction, what we focus on gets bigger. If you are focused on lack, you create lack. If you focus on abundance you create abundance. If you focus on nothing, you create nothing. If you focus on what is, you create more of what is. If you would like to consciously create in your life, it calls for a shift in focus. A shift towards what you want vs. what you don’t want. Here are a few tips to get you started – so that you may begin to attract the money that you would like in your life – so that you may experience the freedom you desire. How to Increase the Flow of Money Into Your Life 1. Be conscious of the Law of Attraction: Abraham defines the Law of Attraction like this – “That which is like unto itself is drawn. ” So what you are radiating and vibrating in your life with your thoughts, words, emotion and beliefs you will attract to you. Again, focus on abundance, get abundance. Focus on lack of money – and you will create more of a lack of money. Also remember that first you ask with your desire, you receive, and then you allow “it” to come into your life. 2. Say YES to money: Have you made a decision to have money in your life? Have you said YES to money? Remember that when you say yes to money, you include that in your vibration, and you will attract money. If you are saying NO to money – with your feelings, thoughts or beliefs, you will also include that in your vibration. Decide to say YES to money. Line up what you want with what you feel. Don’t settle for what life throws your way – create your life just as you want it to be. 3. Consciously vibrate positive feelings about your money: As you think about your money, focus on what you have, vs. what you don’t have. Allow what you “don’t have” only to serve as a light in helping you to see what you do in fact want to create. Think positive thoughts about the money that you do have, see it growing, see it flowing in and out of your bank account with ease. See that you have enough, and that we all have enough. Come from a place that lack will only be our experience if we believe and project lack. See money as a wonderful source of energy that is a God given form of exchange. Get excited about creating money and feel good about it. Nothing is more important than that YOU FEEL GOOD when you are creating your life. 4. Be aware of where negative beliefs about money sneak up on you: Negative beliefs have a tendency to sneak up on you. Pay attention to your emotions – they will guide you. If you are not feeling good, check out your thoughts behind it. You may find a negative belief. If you find yourself feeling angry that someone makes more money than you, examine what your belief is. If you find yourself feeling sorry for another is not as prosperous as you, and you feel bad, examine that as well. Begin to unhook from negative beliefs through awareness, reframing, or shifting focus – which will allow you to flow your energy positively. Looks for as many positive aspects of a situation that you can possibly find. Write them down. 5. Make sure that what you want, and what you are vibrating, are the same: This of course ties in with your beliefs. People tend to have mixed attitudes that stem from greater belief systems, when it comes to creating money. You might say, “I want to create an extra $500 to pay for that seminar I want to take…” But then you might find yourself saying, “There is no way I am going to get that extra $500….or, I can’t afford it….or, it’s too much….or, I have no idea how to get it….or, it’s probably not worth it anyway….or, or, or. Those beliefs or attitudes are in no way a match to what you actually desire – which is to go to that seminar. Can you feel the difference in the vibration even as you read the words? You make sure that what you desire, and what you are vibrating (about that desire) be in alignment. 6. Clean up your money clutter: When you clean up any space in your life, including you money space – you create space for more of what you want to come in. If you are wanting to create more money in your life, it is important to create space for that money! Pay your bills, pay those you owe, ask for payment for those who owe you, straighten your files, create a plan for your money, or handle your emotional issues around money. Remember that you will, as an end result feel clear. When you feel clear, you feel good (it’s like cleaning the house). And when you FEEL GOOD, and are coming from a good place about your money, you will be vibrating a pure vibration which aligns you with what you want — more money! 7. Love and appreciate your money: You may have had the experience, as you sit down to pay your bills – that you HATE to pay your bills. You see your bank account drain once again, and the fury builds from within. It’s important to note that what you love and appreciate you will attract more of, and what you depreciate you will repel. If you want more money, match your vibration to what you want, and the best way to feel good about something is to appreciate it, and allow your self to love it. Society tells us that it is not ok to love your money — in fact it’s not right even to talk about it. Break the chain of societal beliefs about money. 8. Love and appreciate yourself: It was said before, nothing is more important than feeling good. When you feel good, and happy, and passionate, and peaceful, and aligned with you true self , the process of manifestation can begin! Part of self appreciation is honoring yourself enough to look within for the “answers”. It is tuning into your inner self and your intuition. It is paying attention to your emotions. If you feel negative, then you are not in alignment. If you feel good, then your are in alignment with your true self and your desires. Self appreciation also comes from choosing your thoughts, belie

, and feelings – and acknowledging your power as the creator of your life!