Teen Self Help

Getting through the teenage years is often one of the hardest parts of a person’s entire life. This is a time when emotions run high and changes are taking place at an astronomical rate. Oftentimes, a person doesn’t have the time to catch up with what is happening to them and a lot of big mistakes are likely to happen. The early years of high school and college are also a time where things may not always be as they seem to be on the surface. Those who are largely successful in high school often find that college is a completely different world and the qualities that seemed so important in their earlier years are no longer admired or sought after in the later years. These transitions can be hard for many people and being able to foresee the things that will truly be important when you get older is not always the easiest thing for many people. Even those who can see the future quite clearly will oftentimes be intimidated by their younger peers to get off course and to pursue a less beneficial route over the long term. Later on, we see them suffering for their mistakes but there is little that can be done since life is mainly a training ground for the wise. When you are going through your teen years, one of the wisest things that you can carry with you is an understanding or awareness that things aren’t going to be this way for very long. People around you are all getting older and it happens quite fast so that the things that seemed so extremely important in high school become relatively unimportant later on. A terrible heartbreak or a losing season on the school’s basketball team can often send a teenager into a sense of emotional turmoil unless they are able to see the long term picture of their lives. Even something as terrible as becoming an outcast in high school or getting beat up and humiliated after school is something that eventually can be seen as nothing more than a bad set of circumstances that has very little to do with who you really are inside as a person. Life is much bigger than just the teenage years and yet, these years tend to seem as if they are everything and the newness of emotional experiences as a teen tend to make these illusions seem even more real. It’s best to remember that life goes on for many decades after high school and the people you see around you today will be completely different in only a few short years. They will seem like entirely different people altogether after ten or twenty years. Adults love to say “You haven’t changed a bit!” but the opposite is actually the case when they really look at who they were in their early years. The wisest of the young people will see this and won’t take anything to terribly serious whenever it goes wrong. Set your goals for the long haul and don’t get thrown to far when something doesn’t go quite right. You’ve got your whole life ahead of you and it’s very likely to be impossible for you to comprehend such a large span of time! Teen self help is all about learning to cope with the troubling emotions that are so new and can sometimes overwhelm you and seem like they might just contribute to the end of the world. Looking for the big picture and learning how to move on from a problem is a great ability to have when you are young. It makes it possible to reassess your course as you go and to better determine what you really want to be as you get older. It also helps you to choose your friends more carefully and stand up for who you are. Learning to face your fears and develop a sense of courage is something that can lead you through anything in life and bring you out the other end as a great success. There’s no better time in your life than the teen years and also, quite often, no worse time either. Don’t let the ups and downs overwhelm you too soon as we want you along for the entire ride!