What Would You Do If You Don't Have To Work?

Are you fed up with your work, don’t have any fun doing it? You wish you had more freedom to do what you want? That’s because you are compromising your potential and seducing yourself to a working machine, a robot. But don’t let the word “work” scare you! Work should be fun, as well as producing revenue for living. That’s what you get when you are working a true work of yours. True work makes you happy and gives you a sense of meaning. Have I got your attention? Then let me tell you how you can find your true work. This is a really simple exercise and it works with the frustration. First, we will try to release some of your current frustration by finding an outlet. Simply imagine yourself doing what you would be doing if you don’t have to work. You have all the freedom and resources. Any ideas? Maybe you’d be watching TV all day, knowing no better. Or maybe you’d find yourself at the beach in a tropical island sipping pina colada, with all the hotties in their sexy bikini, then… Oh well, that’s okay. Coming from a repressed mind, those are natural answers. Don’t feel bad. Just enjoy. Now, here’s the trick. While that kind of fantasies won’t get you anywhere, there is a way to work with one further to find meaningful insights. How, you may ask? Simple. Just fastforward your imagination up to the point of a few month or even years of doing that “fun stuff.” As you do this, you get increasingly bored, frustrated. Because the need was to release your repression, there is no point in repeating for so long if that need is fulfilled. This will get you REALLY thinking. Bored with the fun, what would you do in search of meaning? The frustration sets you afire. You will begin to see, what your true desire is, and in what way that could be represented in the physical world. Keep on working on that blurred vision, until it solidifies. Once you have identified your potential true work, you need to start connecting that with realities of your life today. Start learning more about the subject. Read books, watch documentaries, whatever. If it’s writing a novel, start writing short stories. If it’s becoming a dancer, maybe start taking a dance lesson. It’s important to take that essential first step. The key is to envision yourself achieving the goal and to dig from both ends. Rewinding the success and watch through the steps that took you there in the imagination, and actually following what you discover. When you work your true work, it is no more a forced thing. You’d be doing it anyway even if you didn’t have to. It is fun and fulfilling. It also makes other people happy by spreading your happiness, it grows. You get more of what you reinforce. So, do yourself a favor and take that first step. From then on, it should almost be automatic!