Your Inner Wizard

Over the last month I’ve been doing a lot of work to clarify my business ideas and practices. In the process I stumbled across (or rather was led by my own coach to) this idea of the “inner wizard”. For me the inner wizard is the idea that we all have a little magical ability inside us that we can tap into at any time. Several years ago my friend Serena remarked to me “Magic is the art of conceiving of reality differently in such a way that it comes to pass.” This quote immediately came to my mind when talking about my inner wizard. So I tried a little experiment to see how I could conceive of reality differently and walked around for a day embodying my inner wizard just to see how it felt and how people reacted to me. It was interesting at first as I noticed what was happening in my body. As I tapped into this inner magical power I felt tremendous joy as if I was finally finding my true power and potential – I felt like I could do anything I wanted for a little while. People’s reactions to me started to change as well. I was walking around downtown just looking for people to interact with. What I noticed was people started to look up more when I engaged my wizard and intersected their energy field. They’d look me in the eye longer as they passed by and some even paused as if about to ask me a question before moving on. After a little while I started to get tired of putting all that focused energy into engaging my inner wizard and I relaxed a bit allowing the wizard to just sit in the background. I started to do some work with the wizard energy in me and all of the sudden the reactions around me shifted again – for a moment I was wondering if people could read my thoughts. Then I realized the difference between engaging and embodying! For me it was rather subtle but it was about “turning it on” vs. “being” the wizard. When I was “turning on” the wizard people noticed me like a bright light in a dark room. But when I was “being’ the wizard they simply responded to the power that enveloped me and extended outwards towards them. As I sat and pondered this I wondered how others might experience this difference. For me it was about trusting myself to have and utilize the skills and abilities I’d acquired over the years. Rather than focusing my attention on them externally I was turning them internal – but reflecting them out in the process. I wasn’t engaging anything, I was simply creating what I already knew how to do. Then in a flash it hit me – magic is what builds walls! Last month I was tearing them down and this month I was building them up! Ever since then I’ve been walking around and working with this incredible power surging up inside me and I’ve been having revelations of clarity for days since then! I feel as if my life has taken a giant leap forward and all I did was embody who I already know I am. So how do you engage this powerful wizard of clarity and power for yourself? Simple. All it takes to engage your inner wizard is some support at the beginning, a little focused attention, releasing the need to be actively engaged, accepting the skills we know we have, and embodying the process. After that, well, magic happens!